Diamond Jewelry Buyers

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We are the diamond jewelry buyers discerning sellers look to when they are interested in selling diamonds for cash. Executive Pawn is a North Scottsdale pawn shop that makes the pawn experience a high-end one. You want cash for diamonds, and will receive more of it here than you will anywhere else. Those selling diamond rings and diamond jewelry of all kinds are invited to visit us in North Scottsdale and get cash in hand quickly.

We are interested in high quality jewelry, and are willing to pay fair market value for it. Our goal is a deal that satisfies both sides, and that is carried out with respect and professionalism. You will see what we mean when we speak of a different kind of pawn experience.

We know that you don’t want to haggle all day when it comes to selling diamonds for cash, and neither do we. We believe in offering you a fair price and making a deal quickly so that both parties can be satisfied and get on with their day.

  • We are a valued resource for those seeking cash for diamonds
  • We buy diamond jewelry of all kinds as well as other precious stones
  • Our cash payouts are consistently higher than our competitors
  • Over two decades of experience

As a high end pawn shop, we are a natural fit for those selling diamond jewelry and other high-end items. Of course we wouldn’t have been a destination for such buyers for more than 20 years had we not consistently given them the best cash offers for their diamonds. You will like the experience you have here, and we will do everything in our power to see that you leave fully satisfied.